Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria


About Turban Training Centre

Ferozpuria turban training centre, is a known name in Bathinda Marriage Turban Tyincity and we are serving people since 2007. Worked as an Artist in few movies and also tied Turban to many renound Pollywood & Bollywood actors and actresses.
We serve our clients at their family functions,marriage parties, song/movie shoots & other occasions as well as on demands.
Now a days youngsters like different styles of Turban like

Nikku style (8.5 mt)
Daljit style (6.5 mt)
Patiala Shahi (7.5 mt)
NRI style (5.5 mt)
American & African style.
Other famous styles are Morni Dastar, Barnala Shahi Dastar, Watta Wali Dastar, Patiala Shahi Dastar, Amritsar Shahi Dastar.
now a days renound style is Morni Dastar.The Last Larh is given “V” shape with the help of Pin.
Some turban training centres also provide training in Dumalla style, which is basic attire for all the baptized Sikhs. Now a days many Sabat Surat Turban Trainers/Tyers have been a great inspiration for Sabat Surat Sikh Youth and other clean shave generations to wear Dastar and follows Sikh religion by heart.
Many Turban Trainers organizes Turban Training Camps for 1-2 weeks in Non-Punjab States like New Delhi specially for those Sikhs who have mighty problem in wearing Turban in Perfect Style. Turban Training & Tying Centres are widely opened in many Cities of Punjab like Ludhiana,Jalandhar,Bathinda,Patiala, Amritsar and this trend has become quite popular in these days among Sikh Youth in Punjab.So that they learn this art of wearing Turban “The Perfect Turban”.
All styles of Turbans for all Hindu occasions.

Today, we got to know that the young generation wants to tie Turban but they don’t have any specific trainer.There are different styles of Turban in Sikhism.Our main motive is to provide teaching to Sikh youth that how to tie a perfect turban in different styles in Sikhism according to particular faces.Under this project, the following works is done.
Collection of different types of Turbans and their innovative styles.